Head Instructor – Master Winton Henry

Master HenryMaster Henry’s martial arts career began with Kung-Fu in 1985. After moving to Canada in 1991, he started Taekwon-Do at one of the first community centres run by the Woodbridge Taekwon-Do Group. He has taught for over 14 years at various community schools throughout the city of Toronto. In 2000 he started Swar Taekwon-Do in Caledon East, Ontario. Among his most memorable memories in Taekwon-Do are meeting and performing for General Choi Hon Hi on several occasions.

Master Henry is a multi-medal winner in Ontario local tournaments including:

– Silver medal in Sparring bronze medal in pattern 1995 Ontario championship
– 97 Canadian sparring champion
– Silver medalist in IBBC championship, in 2000
– 2003 Ontario championship in Woodstock gold medal winner in pattern and sparring
– Taekwon-do 50th anniversary champion 4th to 6th Dan sparring and pattern 2004
– Chi Taekwon-Do tournament in Florida gold medal winner in pattern and sparring 4th to 6th Dan.

Master Henry is currently a technical advisor and the sparring chairman for the Woodbridge Taekwon-do Group.

Assistant Instructors

20160927_205521-1Mr.  Cosimo Crupi  – 4th Dan

20160927_210022Mr. Bill Chambers – 4th Dan

Mr Jordon Tishler – 3rd Dan

ryanMr Ryan Thompson – 2nd Dan

Mr. Phillip Gilliard  – 2nd Dan

20160927_210000Ms. Anna Jennings – 2nd Dan

20160927_210151Ms. Chloe Kostynyk – 2nd Dan

Ms. Allessandra Crupi – 2nd Dan