Follow the link below to print our new equipment order form.  Once completed, please drop it off to Master Henry.


Congratulations to Master Henry, who earlier this year was promoted to 8th Dan!


Congratulations to our Black Belt Students, June 2016

Mr Cosmo Crupi – 4th Dan

Mr Bill Chambers – 4th Dan

Mr Jordon Tishler – 3rd Dan

Ms Chloe Kostynyk – 2nd Dan

Mr Ryan Thompson – 2nd Dan

Ms. Anna Jennings – 2nd Dan

Mr. Aaron Turner – 1st Dan

Mr. Alex Basile – 1st Dan

Mr. Christian Tyndall – 1st Dan

Mr. Daniel Stephen – 1st Dan

Mr. Daniel Nona – 1st Dan


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Swar Taekwon-do is excited to announce our new location in Acton Ontario starting this fall.  Master Henry is a resident of Halton Hills, along with his wife and two daughters and is looking forward to bringing the art of ITF Style Taekwondo to Acton and the surrounding area.

Swar has over 22 years’ experience and the backing of Woodbridge Taekwondo Group under the tutelage of Kwan Jang Nim Cariati, Founder and President of the International Chang an Taekwondo Federation.