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Q. Where do we get the uniforms and equipment?
A. S.W.A.R supplies the uniforms and equipment.

Q. How long can uniform and equipment last?
A. As long as the uniform and equipment is taken care of properly it will last a long time.

Q. Can we use other martial arts uniform?
A. Only for the first couple classes.

Q. Why?
A. We would like to keep every student in the same uniform, it maintains uniformity, and the physical difference between students must be based on student performance not appearance.

Q. What is the cost of uniforms and equipment?
A. Uniform is $95.00 including tax. Subject to change with promotional offer

Q. Will there be a charge for test?
A. Yes

Q. How often are the tests?
A. Minimum requirements every two months, but if the student requires more time, it is given according to performance and behavior

Q. How long before a student reaches black belt status?
A. Minimum two years but it depends on student’s performance.

Q. Does the student participate in tournaments?
A. Yes. Very highly recommended

Q. Does the student have to participate in tournaments?
A. No, but is highly recommended, it gives the student a greater exposure to the entire Taekwon-Do family.

Q. Why should we train with SWAR?
A. We teach the original I.T.F Taekwon-Do. Master Joseph Cariati our head Instructor had trained and worked closely with General Choi Hon Hi the founder of Taekwon-Do before his passing.

Q. Where will the testing be?
A. Testing will be held in Acton, Caledon East or the main club in Woodbridge.

Q. How often should a student practice/ train?
A. Twice a week in the Dojang, and 15 to 20 minutes at home every day.
I know most parents have their child/children in multiple activities. In that case once per week would be a great option.

Q. What will be taught?

-> Self-defense, (lock up and take downs)
-> Sparring (light exchange of technique with a partner),
-> Patterns (fundamental technique to assist in the development of concentration balance and building stamina),
-> Tae-Cardio (stamina building exercises).
-> Flexibility
-> Discipline
-> Board Breaking technique
-> Jumping technique

What is Taekwon-Do?

It is the Korean Art of Self-defense. Utilizing spectacular ariel and highly advanced kicking techniques, Taekwon-Do has become one of the most popular martial arts throughout the world today and is practiced by more than 40 million students in 145 countries. There are two style of Taekwon-Do; They are World Taekwon-do Federation (WTF) and International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF) . Here at SWAR we practice ITF style. The philosophy of Taekwon-Do is to achieve peace among mankind eliminating violence and to attain a higher level of self-discipline and self-respect.

Taekwon-Do is the scientific use of the body in the method of self-defense; a body that has gained the ultimate use of its facilities through intensive physical and mental training.

“Courage first; power second; technique third.”

~ Author unknown

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